About Me

My name is Dan Kahn, and I’m running for the SEMA Board of Directors. I’m a car guy, business owner and family man. I’ve worked in the aftermarket my entire life, and over the past decade I have built my business, Kahn Media, into one of the leading marketing firms in the industry through hard work and determination. I know the stress, pressure and passion it takes to make a business succeed, and I will look out for the best interests of all business owners if re-elected to the SEMA Board of Directors.

Why I’m Running for the SEMA Board of Directors

My first job was working the parts counter at a speed shop at 16. I literally grew up in this industry and I am very passionate about protecting it. Over the course of my career, and with the current growth of my firm, I have also been very fortunate to surround myself with people that are smarter and more experienced that I am. I try to learn from these people, and apply those lessons as both a business leader and as a volunteer.

I want to ensure the industry is around for my employees.

I currently employ two dozen people at my firm. I take that responsibility very personally – each and every one of them depend on me for their livelihood. I have to ensure that we have work for them to do, that our clients are happy and that the future is bright. If my serving as a board member and volunteer leader for SEMA can, in some small way, help ensure that that our industry will be around for many more years to come to support these jobs and the thousands of jobs created by our member companies – then there is no more noble calling for a guy who set out to “write about cars” for a living.

My Family

Finally, I would be remiss in filling out an “about you” section without talking about my family. It sounds corny, but I am a third generation car guy. My grandfather grew up in Chicago with no money, yet after the war he came back and – as time allowed – he liked to restore pre-war vehicles. My dad was the typical baby boomer car guy – grew up cruising Van Nuys Boulevard in the early ‘60s, built hot rods and still does to this day. I got my very first car on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine and have been a gearhead since day one. I have three beautiful children who are the center of my universe along with a wonderful and very patient wife. My son is, at 3 years old, already a car guy. He loves playing with his Hot Wheels and he works with me in the garage whenever he can. I will not push him into a career in this industry, but should he decide he wants to follow in my footsteps, I want to make sure there is an industry here waiting for him. That is my driving force as a volunteer.